BLOCK 14, 1854

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Block 14 is located west of the Courthouse square and is bordered by First St. on the north, Second St. on the south, Front St. on the east and the Lavaca River on the west.   The block is comprised of eight lots each lot 80 varas X 80 varas. What is a Vara? CLICK HERE to find out.

Activity on Block 14 in earlier years can be found HERE.

Lavaca County Jail (Block 14 Lot 1)
Josiah Dowling & John W. Kelly (Block 14 Lot 2 – 8)

1854 April 7: Josiah Dowling and John W. Kelly to John Harrell.  Block 14 except for lots on which the jail stands (Lot 1) and one which the house of Joseph F. Allen stands (Lot 8)

Lavaca County Deed C/58

1854 September 9: John Harrell to Josiah Dowling and John W. Kelly the lots deeded to me by Dowling & Kelly on 7 April 1854 except lots on which the jail stands and on which a house built by Joseph F. Allen stands.

Lavaca County Deed C/227

On February 16, Joseph F. and Sarah Allen sold to William Smothers the houses and other improvements that we have in the town of Hallettsville near the Lavaca River in which we now live.  The ground on which said houses stand we have no claim to and only sell the improvements.


Lavaca County Deed B/519